Physical Exam

For clients who are coming to us for a wellness exam or perhaps a more specific issue our appointments follow a similar pattern.

Upon arrival at the reception area you will be checked in and bigger dogs are weighed on the scale up front. You will then be taken to an exam room where a veterinary technician or assistant will take your pets picture, weigh smaller pets, take your pet's temperature and give you a questionairre to find out more about your pets lifestyle and any health concerns you might have. The veterinarian will join you in a few minutes and for an annual physical they will go over everything from basic care and vaccine recommendations to more specific issues like a dental problem. For a more specific problem more time will be spent focusing on that problem.

Once the exam has finished the doctor may complete a treatment plan and have a receptionist prepare an estimate, dispense medications or recommend further appointments. The reception team will book any appointments, assist you with any purchases and check your pet out of the appointment.

While we try to maintain a smooth schedule emergencies do happen and we thank our clients for their understanding when this happens. We do offer clients the option to check their pets into our hospital for a short stay to complete their wellness exam if the owner is unable to stay or rebooking is not appropiate.

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